Zolabo helps organizations design and develop custom dashboards. These dashboards can be used internally to measure performance within the organization. When publishing data publicly these tools need to be extremely user friendly and help the audience with additional story to explain and provide context to the data. This is a challenge that requires a custom designed dashboard and this is where Zolabo has it's strength.

Dashboard for display stock values and published news stories

Zolabo designs and builds visualization components that can be used in your existing platforms, like SharePoint, OBIEE or PowerBI. We also build complete dashboards that will run as an independent web application. The dashboards are connected with APIs to the datasource. We can also assist in setting up an API on various platforms connecting directly to your database or files.

Dashboard for showing tourist attractions with interactions from Twitter


External Consultant

Jurjen brings noteworthy experience in building dashboards in complex organizations. Jurjen has, and still does, work as external consultant for the International Labour Organization (ILO) to design and build dashboards. Jurjen helped the ILO realized multiple visualizations and dashboards, both public facing and for internal use.

ILO Development Cooperation Dashboard

One of the projects Jurjen worked on with the ILO is the Development Cooperation Dashboard. This dashboard shows the many projects the ILO is doing around the world. It offers multiple ways of exploring how hundreds of partners invested nearly 3 billion dollars on 4 thousand projects worldwide.
Note: Jurjen works individually for the ILO as a consultant. Zolabo does not work as a vendor for the ILO.

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Internal dashboards

Zolabo also helps organizations to build custom tools to help the internal operations go more smoothly. Last year we have been working on a Employee's Work Space. In this environement we collect organization wide information that's relevant for the logged in employee. This helps staff find information and make timely decisions. We also designed and developed and interface for a major global brand to help them monitor and confiture their custom technical solution. These kind of custom interfaces can help your organization operate more effectively on a daily basis.

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