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Whether you have a single excel sheet, or a complex database, we will turn it into a framework that’s visually appealing, accessible and easy to understand. We do this by creating tailor made user interfaces (UI) and data visualizations. Tools that make it easy for you to explore your data from different perspectives, and to gain a deeper understanding of what is important.

Our work

We help public services report on their activities and companies gain more insights in their supply chain. We create actionable dashboards for organizations that need to share more than numbers with their employees, without burdening them with thick reports. We aid banks in providing customers with greater insights into their financial situation and we build interactive infographics for marketeers who want to go the extra mile.


Zolabo works from the philosophy of design thinking, which means we place user experience at the centre of everything we do. We often work with complex systems and data, and we always want to create technically feasible designs. That’s why we have a tried approach that enables us to create the best solution, together with our clients.




We listen to the business needs. We assess your current requirements. We interview users and create personas - archetypes that describe the various goals among users.



We make a global vision concrete with high-level wireframes, supporting artwork or working prototypes. We present tangible ideas to the stakeholders involved.



An idea is not a product yet. The devil is in the detail. Our designs emphasize functionality. We polish it off with a beautiful, clean look and feel.



Finally, we bring our designs to life. We connect to new or existing infrastructure. With our expertise in web technologies, you are quickly ready to launch.

Tools and technology we use

Stop using statistics as a drunken man uses lamp posts — for support rather than illumination.

Instead, let us help you

Make your data meaningful

Data projects are often complex and there are a lot of good options to get you going. However it’s not always easy to map all the pros and cons and understand what solution works best for you. We offer a consult to guide you in the right direction. No costs and no strings attached.

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